Home-Away-From-HomeSickness & Other Self-Reflections

I’ve missed about three weeks of blogging…bloop. So let me try and catch you up: I’ve been pretty homesick these last few weeks in D.C. I miss Chapel Thrill and being around people I can unapologetically be myself with. I literally wished away June in eagerness to see my boyfriend and best friend at the beginning of … More Home-Away-From-HomeSickness & Other Self-Reflections

Week Two: Cutting Room Floors, Networking & the Failed Nightlife

Week two went by faster in terms of my internship. If you follow me on snapchat: TyJay_101, then you know I started a new project at work this week. At RedEye Post, I’ve started working on Cutting Room Floors (CRFs) for BET’s “Lift Every Voice” segment with host, Fonzworth Bentley. This is a completely new … More Week Two: Cutting Room Floors, Networking & the Failed Nightlife

Week Numero Uno

Well, I’m here! For a person such as myself, who is terrible with directions, this city has been quite the nightmare. My first day getting to work was easy as far as the Metro was concerned. I got lost on my 15-minute walk to the office, though. Alexandria is a quaint little place with so … More Week Numero Uno

D.C. & the Bottom Line

Finding out that I’d been accepted into D.C.’s Institute for Political Journalism summer program was one of the best things to have happened to me this pastsemester. With this program, I will be interning with Red Eye Post Production five days a week and taking two courses at George Mason University, while living in an apartment at George Washington … More D.C. & the Bottom Line